Sunday, July 20, 2008

Having a baby

So most of you know that I live in Texas, but I am from Indiana. Well, I have been spending my summer vacation back home in Indiana with my family. One of the most exciting things about coming home was being able to see my best friend Dawn. She is pregnant and due in August. Upon returning home in June I had not seen here since December. Let's just say a lot changes in 6 months, especially when you are prego. I was in shock when I saw her for the first time. She is beautiful pregnant. She is one of those women who look like they have a basketball under their shirt, but no weight gain anywhere else. I am jealous:)

So we took this picture below to see how long it would be until our bellies touched. She is my skinny friend, so it was a fun game for me. Well, so I thought. It is not fun when your pregnant friend weighs the same as you, and your not pregnant. HAHA. I am only teasing. I love her and her prego belly. I put my hands on her stomach for hours, literally, and play with the baby. It moves and kicks so much. He/she(they don't know the sex of the baby) loves her aunt nay nay, or he/she is really annoyed by her. I prefer the first scenario. I cant wait to be an AUNTIE~