Friday, February 22, 2008

Welcome Home!

More photos to come!

My amazing husband returned home on Wednesday after several months of being deployed. Yeah! I am so glad to have him back.

Family and friends gathered at the Air Force base to welcome home all the soliders. It was like stepping into a movie: children holding signs, husbands with flowers, wives with balloons. It was so moving to watch loved ones reunite.

For a photographer's standpoint, lighting was horrible. The sun was so bright and I struggled with my exposure. So these are not my best pictures. But I wanted to try to capture the emotion of the day. I hope you enjoy them.

The plane has arrived

My husband!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Laughing Good Time

Meet a band of brothers: Cody, Justin, and Zach.
Lauren and I had a blast during this foto shoot today. These guys are so fun-loving and lively that we were all laughing the entire time. Their personalities really shine through in their pictures. Enjoy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sharing My Song

I am not a risk-taker if the result possibly leads to rejection. I am afraid of being rejected. However, lately God has been speaking to me about pursuing the dreams and desires that he has given me. He is teaching me to trust in him alone and to not rely on my own abilities; for on my own I can do nothing. So with that said I am stepping out of my comfort zone and posting a song that I wrote. My heart’s desire is to write music and lead people in worship. If I could do anything in life that is what I would do.

I love music. I love singing and praising God through song. I play guitar very poorly, only to acompany myself. I have written a few songs which I believe God has given to me. I am very guarded about the music that I write because it is so personal. However, I want to be real and share my heart with you. Therefore I have posted a song that I wrote a couple years ago for my best friend's wedding. Please note that my friend and I recorded this at church one night so it is a very "rough draft."

I did not know exactly how to post the song by itself so I made a slide show to go along with it. The slide show contains pictures of my husband and I from the years gone by. Now you will really get to see my heart by hearing my music and seeing the wonderful memories I have shared with the man I love. We have been together for over 8 years, so just a warning that some of these pictures are old and just plan funny.

FYI, Andy comes home from deployment in a couple weeks. I am counting down the days!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A mile stone!

I love to workout, but getting motivated to actually go to the gym has been a struggle for me lately. So I had to share my workout victory with you. I lifted upper body today and planned on running two miles afterwards. I have been slacking lately, so I have to build back up again. So after lifting I jump on the treadmill and start my run. And guess what? I ran 3 miles! YEAH. I am just pumped to have set a goal and go even beyond that.

So I captured my victory with pictures of my shoes. I was playing with editiing and I would love you to leave a comment on which you like best.

Now off to watch "The Biggest Loser." I love that show. It makes me cry ever time. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, so I can relate to those people. I love to watch people succeed!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Car Poster

My wonderful husband loves his car. So I have decided to make a poster for him to put in the garage as a suprise when he gets back home from being deployed. I need your opinion on which one you think I should us, or if I should change something to one of these. Please leave a comment to let my know which one you would choose.