Sunday, April 20, 2008

Refreshed! Renewed! Revived!

Hello everyone! How's it going? I have not blogged for quite some time and I must say I am excited to get back to it. But my time away has been amazing. I have experienced the presence of God like never before and I am super pumped about growing deeper in my faith and getting to know my Savior in an authentic way. God is so good and he truely desires all of us to draw near to him. I encourage you to seek that out. Ask God to reveal himself to you, then step back and brace yourself. You are in for an exciting ride! The God of all creation wants to speak to YOU!

Side note:
I have put together another blog per request of some of my "clients" in Indiana.
I call it my "portfolio" blog. It is designed for people like you to be able to see some of my work. I hope it is useful.

Check it out at