Sunday, February 10, 2008

Laughing Good Time

Meet a band of brothers: Cody, Justin, and Zach.
Lauren and I had a blast during this foto shoot today. These guys are so fun-loving and lively that we were all laughing the entire time. Their personalities really shine through in their pictures. Enjoy.


samsa777 said...

I do like the shine these blue shirts. Brilliant! Nice work!

samsa777 said...

"the shine OF these...", I meant

Lauren Zaffos Photography said...

Oh Renee, I just love you:) Thank you SO much for coming with me and helping me speak and direct...I love having you around:)

These look great! Weren't those guys terrific...if only all clients were as :) I would love to shoot each and every one of their weddings...what a blast!

Thanks again friend...Oh, and I have NO voice and my throat is...well, kinda swollen shut..ha! At least God blessed me with a wonderful afternoon, a terrific friend, beautiful session, and SEVERAL good laughs. :)

I don't have mine up might be a few days.

schwalka said...

these are great!