Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sports Photography

Wow! Taking pictures of moving athletes is a difficult task. I am pretty sure my lens really limits me, not to blame equipment though. I could use all the advice on sports pictures that you all are willing to share. I know these shots are not super, but I took them for my students. I hope they at least enjoy them. There are more that I will post later. And for my students, I will also hang some on my classroom door for you all. Go Cougars!


Lauren Zaffos said...


These look good. I like the one that was burned with the guys' feet.

I don't know if this is an editing thing, or an exposure thing, or both...but some of your shots look really dark. I have a really bright screen...and if they look dark on my screen, then printing may be dark too...but then again, that is just looking at a low res copy online:)

Just something to think about;)

Have a lovely night!

Victoria Goetz said...

Just being helpful - you spelled Sports wrong, I think...unless i just didn't read and it is supposed to be "spots"